Technology Professional Development Opportunies February 2018

Intro to Google Classroom
Audience : K-12 Teachers
Date: Thursday, February 8
Time: 4:20-5:50
Location: ITD Computer Lab, Basement of Balas
KALPA# : 907540
Instructor: Michelle Hart
Join us for an Introduction to Google Classroom.

Noteflight: Transition to the New Noteflight Tips & Tricks
Audience : K-12 Teachers
Date: Tuesday, February 13
Time: 4:15-5:45
Location: Clague Media Center
KALPA# : 907541
Instructor: Deb Katz

In May the "old" Noteflight music notation tool will close. All music teachers and students will need to use the "new" version that is integrated with Google. Learn how to migrate your existing scores to the new version and have some time to get started with this process. We will also take a look at the new version, review how to set up your account if you have not already done so,  and share some insights gained from our first semester using it, particularly as it relates to improved sharing capabilities, recording features and some ideas about supporting student learning.

Illuminate Assessments

Audience -K-12 teachers and administrators
Date: Tuesday, February 20
Time: 4:15 - 5:45p
Location: ITD Computer Lab, basement of Balas Building
KALPA #: 907543
Instructor: Heather Rottermond

Participants will understand the purpose of assessment types and the steps to build an assessment within Illuminate.  Feel free to bring a PDF version of an assessment that you would like to use as a reference for assessment creation.

Raz Plus: Part 2
Audience - all elementary and MS teachers using Vocabulary A -Z
Date: Tuesday, February 20
Time: 4:30- 6:00p
Location: Balas, Main Conference Room OR join via webinar. You must be registered in Kalpa to receive the webinar login information.
KALPA #: 898106

This session will dive deeper into Raz Plus. Teachers will get an opportunity to review and learn new management tips for online student activity, look into the reports and explore new resources on the teacher end.

Power Teacher Pro Drop In Help Session

Audience -K-5 Teachers
Date: Wednesday, February 28
Time: 12:30-3:30
Location: ITD Computer Lab, basement of Balas Building

Questions or problems with reports?  Stop by this drop in session for some help. 


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