Illuminate Ed Lightning Grader for Scanning

illuminate Ed has begun to migrate users from GradeCam to Lightning Grader for scanning assessments. You may begin to see Lightning Grader on your computer when you go to scan.

Please note, the supported browser for Lightning Grader is Chrome. There is no plug in for Lightning Grader as there was for GradeCam.

NOTE: If you run into trouble getting Lightning Grader to launch, check to see if you have the most recent version of Chrome. Updating may help.

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that bubble sheets printed for GradeCam will not work with Lightning Grader and should be reprinted.

Resources for Lightning Grader can be found at:

How can I tell the difference between the Answer sheets from GradeCam and Lightning Grader?

GradeCam answer sheets contain a form identifier at the bottom of the answer sheet that consists of circles. Lightning Grader answer sheets have squares around the entire answer sheet in addition to a QR code at the bottom right-hand corner or the page. Examples can be seen below.



Lightning Grader:


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