Student Passwords have been reset -- How do I find the default password for my students?

Passwords for all AAPS student email and network accounts will be updated on August 31st, 2017 in order to maintain security.

In order to share this new password with your students, you will want to access the 'DST Class List with Student Logins' report in PowerTeacher.
  1. Login to PowerTeacher
  2. Click reports
  3. Select the following report from List: DST Class List with Student Logins
                     *Using the 'printer icon' allows you to print just the students from that class*

Can Students change their passwords?
ITD allows, but does not require students to change their email and Active Directory Network passwords. If a teacher needs to reset a student password it will be reset to the default on these reports.

If students use Moodle over the summer:
It will be important to alert any students who are using Moodle for coursework during the summer that this change is coming and they will not be able to access Moodle after August 31st unless they use their new password. 


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