Clever-what is it?

What is Clever?
     Clever instant login is a single sign on solution for students and teachers. It allows them to login in to district applications with a single set of credentials. Clever will automatically roster students and update students roster with a nightly sync with Powerschool.

Clever in 60 seconds:

Where do I go to login to the AAPS Clever Site?

On an iPad and Chromebook look for the Clever App   

How do teachers login to Clever?
How do students login to Clever?
The young students sometimes have trouble with logins is their an easier way?
K-3 students can “badge in” to Clever. Badges allow students to hold up a physical badge to their device's webcam to get logged in, instead of typing in usernames and passwords

How do K-3 Badge in?
How do I print my student badges?

Clever Support for Teachers

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