How Google Docs Revision History works

To access Revision History you need to be the owner or have edit rights to a file in Google Documents, Slides, Sheets, or Drawings.

  • With the file open, click “File” then “See revision history”. This will open a panel on the right side of the screen.
  • In the panel you will see entries for all the changes made to the document, along with the date, time, and person who made the change. Each person will have their own color code.
  • When you click on an entry, the document will refresh to show you the changes that person made, highlighted in their color code. You can also hover above the changes in the document to see the person’s name in a pop-up.
  • If you want to see the changes broken down in smaller time increments, click “Show more detailed revisions” at the bottom of the panel.
  • If you want to revert the document back to an earlier version, click on the entry in the panel and then choose “Restore this revision”.
  • When done viewing the Revision History, click the arrow in the top left corner of the screen to exit and return to editing the document.
Revision History can be used to:
  1. Track improvements
  2. Restore previous versions
  3. View the work process
  4. Evaluate group work
  5. Detect plagiarism / cheating
  6. Investigate harassment / inappropriate use
Read the full article about Revision History in the Eric Curt's Blog:
    Edited from a Blog post by Eric Curts, Certified Google Trainer

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