Tips for the week

TIP #1 : Teachers are inquiring as to what tools and devices are a good fit for teaching skills and activities. The following link was developed to provide more information on TEchnology versus Blooms, SAMR and STEAM foundational Skills:  Which technology should I use? 
TIP #2: Are you having trouble with students accessing Files01 server?

If students experience trouble logging into the files server ( smb://files01 ), please enter the student number in the Name field.

TIP #3:  How can I request apps?

To request an app, please complete the following form:

AAPS participates in the Apple Volume Purchase Program (AVPP)
a)     AVPP allows for volume purchases of Apple iOS software applications (apps). There is a 50% discount on purchases of 20 or more licenses on individual iOS apps. Discount does not apply to all apps, it is determined by the app developer.    
b)    AVPP honors the district tax exempt status. Regular App Store does not.
d)    AVPP requires the Purchase of Vouchers. Each building/department will have a VPP account set up to track these purchases.
**Please note that gift cards will not work for purchasing apps on district devices. Apple requires schools to use the Volume Purchase
e)     To view apps and VPP program pricing, please visit the site at:
Below are sites to help you review apps for your classroom:

Deployment of Apps
a)     Student iPads will only obtain iOS apps from the district and the AVPP Program, regardless if they are free or paid iOS apps. 
  • Requests for student iOS apps will be communicated by filling out the online request form. 
  • Apps will be purchased on a schedule determined by the district and will be loaded onto student iPads by the ITD staff at the end of each month.

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