Backup Your Computer

Everyone should backup their computer on a regular basis.  

Click here for a short video on how to manually back up your computer to an external hard drive.

In addition to the directions on the video you may also want to back up the following items.

Backup your Bookmarks for your Browsers
To save Bookmarks in Firefox:
Select Show all Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu
Click on the Star menu and select backup...
Save the exported file to your backup source

To save Bookmarks from Safari:
Select Export Bookmarks from the file menu
Save the exported bookmarks to  your backup source

To Save Bookmarks from Chrome:
Select Bookmark Manager from the Bookmarks menu
Click on Organize and select Export html…
Save the exported bookmarks to  your backup source

Export iCal Calendars 
Open iCal. Go to file, export, calendar archive,save to Google drive or your backup source

Backup Address Book 
Open Address Book. Go to file, export, address book archive, save to Google drive or your backup source

Backup the Test and Banks folder inside the ExamView folder located in the Macintosh HD or the Applications Folder.

  • Applications

Your computer will come preloaded with the standard district applications. Check your applications folder, if you have any question about a specific application please contact the AAPS help desk, 994-5040 You are responsible for any applications that you have personally installed on your computer.

  • Time Machine Backup
Another method to backup your computer is to use Time Machine, the utility that is included in the operating system of your computer. This is best for an entire restore of you computer if needed. To use time machine you can find directions from Apple's website here. These directions are for Yosemite Apple's newest operating system but it works the same for Mavericks the system on your computer.

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