10 Tech Tips to End 2014!

Tip#10 Don't see "Save As...."?   Hold down the Option key when you click on the File menu.

Tip #9 Do you keep bookmarks on the "bookmark bar?"  You can edit the name of each bookmark to give it a better (and shorter) name.  Hold down the Control key and click on the bookmark in the toolbar.  Then choose Rename Bookmark... (in Safari), Edit... (in Chrome) or Properties (in Firefox).

Tip #8 Spotlight is a great search tool to help you find documents on your computer. You can search for file names or individual words in the documents.  Make it easier than ever with a keyboard shortcut:  Hold down Command and tap the spacebar:  Spotlight will open and be ready for you start typing.  Press Return to search.

Tip #7 Don’t like the idea of the disappearing scroll bars? Would you prefer they just showed all the time?  
Here’s how:
Go to Apple/System Preferences/General. (First icon on first row)
Look for “Show Scroll bars” and put a dot by “Always”.

Tip #6 Don’t like having to delete your name from the Account Name field whenever you log into FileMaker Pro? 

Here’s how to have that field stay blank, as it needs to be:
When you FIRST open FMP, while the QuickStart screen is still up, click on the word FileMakerPro up in the top toolbar and go down to Preferences.  Under the "General" Tab, by "User Name", click the circle by Other and leave it blank. Then when you get to the first login screen, it will leave the Account Name field blank and you will just have to enter the generic password (ateamuser# for ATeam; teacher, Music, physed, esl or iltteacher for Elem report cards; ). Remember you never enter anything in the Account Name field.

Tip #5  Ever wonder how you could make Screenshots for handouts or help tickets?
On the Mac, press Command-Shift-3. (Command is the key with the propeller on it, next to the Space bar.) You hear a snapshot sound, and you get a graphics file on your desktop—a picture of the entire screen image.
If you press Command-Shift-4 instead, you get a crosshair cursor; you can draw across just one portion of the screen. Or, if you now tap the Space bar, you turn the cursor into a little camera icon. You can now click on just one window or toolbar that you want to copy.
In Windows, PrintScreen key copies the whole screen image, as a graphic, onto your invisible Clipboard. If you add the Alt key, you copy only the front window.
In both cases, you can hold down the Control key to copy the image to the Clipboard instead of leaving a file on the hard drive. Once you copy the image,  paste into an e-mail message or any other program.

Tip #4  How can I make it a PDF?
Anything you can print, you can turn into a PDF document — an amazingly convenient feature. Choose the Print command — but instead of choosing Print, click the PDF pop-up menu or Open in PDF and choose Save as PDF.

Tip #3  Ever feel like Your inbox is your task list?

Many of us keep emails in our Gmail inboxes to remind us to do something later. Maybe you star it, or use Priority Inbox so that it drops to the "read and important" label. To get control of your inbox keep your tasks in a task list, NOT your in inbox. Gmail makes this easy by providing you with an integrated task list. 

To move an email to your Google Task list, select Add to Tasks under the More Menu option in Gmail.

Tip #2  Sometimes the mouse is just too slow, here are are some favorite hot keys:

Word processing...
command-c (when something is selected) : copy
command-x (when something is selected) : cut
command-v : paste text

command-d (when a file or folder is selected) : duplicate

Web browsing...
command-d : bookmark a page

command-s : save a page
command-n : new document / browser window
command-z : undo last change to a document

The 'command' key referenced above is the key adjacent to the space bar.  Hold it with your thumb while pressing the other key(s).

Tip #1 Always have a backup to secure your data. 

Winter vacation starts at the end of the week. Before you leave for a well-deserved break, please take the time to:
1.Note your IDs and passwords are secure and inaccessible to others. It might be a good time to change your passwords, if they have been in use for 3 months or more. 
2.Ensure your data is secure – perform a backup of any computers you use
For directions on how to back up, please refer to the Instructional Technology blog:

Happy Holidays from the ITD staff!

Help the district divert operational cost to the classroom by doing the following:
a.    Shut off all electronic devices (copiers, printers, scanners) when not in use
b.    Shut down all computers and mobile devices before leaving for the day on Friday
c.     Turn off all sound fields and projectors

We ask that you leave the power connected, but turn devices off using the devices power switch.

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