Hide email addresses when sending to a list (example: to a list of parents)

Using Google Mail follow the steps below to send an email to "undisclosed recipients." The email arrives in all recipient's in-boxes while the list of email addresses remains hidden.

  1. Click on "Compose" to start a message
  2. In the “To” field type the following: "Undisclosed recipients"<your Google Mail address followed by a closing>. The quotation marks and angle brackets are necessary.
  3. For example, if I were emailing to undisclosed recipients it would look like this:
  4. "Undisclosed recipients"<slade@aaps.k12.mi.us> 4. Next, click "Bcc"
  5. In the Bcc field type the email addresses of all of the intended recipients. You may also insert groups from your contact list.
  6. Type the subject of the email in the subject field.
  7. Type your message in the message field.
  8. Click the Send button.

The message will go to all recipients AND will be delivered to your inbox. Only you will be able to see to whom you sent the email (this information will be hidden from the Bcc recipients).

Attached is a picture of what your email will look like prior to sending: 

​Prepared by: 
Kathryn Slade
​, ​
Technical Assistant
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