Attaching photos from iPhoto to AAPS e-mail

Say you want to send a colleague a digital photo from your computer...  If the photo is a file on your desktop, you can attach the file to your email like any other attachment.  But what if your photos are in iPhoto?
You can attach those as well...using the Media Browser.  This is an extra area on the sidebar that become available when you are in a dialog box.

Step 1.  Start your email just like normal....


Step 2.  Click the paperclip icon to attach a file...

Step 3.  In the dialog box, scroll DOWN in the sidebar until you see "Media" and then click once on "Photos". 
​Your iPhoto library will appear in the window.  You can view by Event or Album or search if you know the name.  Select your photo and click "Open."  

Step 4.   That photo will then be attached to the email message
; you can see the file name at the bottom of the message.​

Click "Send."


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